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DateTitle Authors
2011 CRM development in hospitality companies for the purpose of increasing the competitiveness in the tourist marketIvanovic, Slobodan / Mikinac, Kresimir / Perman, Luka
2011 Banks in transition countries as one of most attractive investmentsOrsag, Silvije / Dedi, Lidija / Mihalina, Emil
2011 Contemporary tendencies in the tourism operationMilenkovska, Violeta
2011 Tourism in the global development strategy of Macedonia: Economic perspectivesPetrevska, Biljana
2011 Strategic management within the tourism and the world globalizationKirovska, Zanina
2011 Role of tradtional food in tourist destination image building: Example of the city of MostarPestek, Almir / Nikolic, Aleksandra
2011 Influence of FDI on tourism in CrostiaIvanovic, Zoran / Baresa, Suzana / Bogdan, Sinisa
2011 Book review: Methodology of scientific research by Zoran IvanovicKraleva, Natasa
2011 Management by objectives: Management philosophy for prosperous tourism organizationsKralev, Todor
2011 Analysis of the demographic potential in function of tourismGjorgievski, Mijalce
2011 Learning organizations: Prerequisite for successful tourism organizationsKraleva, Natasa
2010 Cultural Tourism in EuropePahos, AnaMaria / Stamos, Athanasios Stamos / Kicosev, Sasa
2010 The electronic commerce in the travel agencie's activities in Bulgaria and terms of reference for its elaborationKazandzhieva, Velina
2010 Research on behaviors of government's tourism marketingQuian, Shan
2010 Portfolio analysis based on the example of Zagreb Stock ExchangeBogdan, Sinisa / Baresa, Suzana / Ivanovic, Sasa
2010 Techniques for managing projects risk in capital budgeting processKaranovic, Goran / Baresa, Suzana / Bogdan, Sinisa
2010 Conceptualization and classification of balneo, SPA and wellness establichments in BulgariaGeorgiev, Georgi / Vasileva, Maria Trifonova
2010 Marketing and management implementation on megatrends in modern tourismBakic, Ognjen / Hrabrovski-Tomic, Eva / Muhi, Bela / Kovacevic, Jelena
2010 Financial analysis fundament for assessment the value of the companyKaranovic, Goran / Bogdan, Sinisa / Baresa, Suzana
2010 Education in ecological tourism and the use of ecological educational pathsStefanova, Akulina
2010 Improving the distribution of Bulgarian seaside holiday hotelsMarinov, Stoyan / Kazandzhieva, Velina
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