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DateTitle Authors
2012 Item nonresponse in wages: Testing for biased estimates in wage equationsFertig, Michael / Görlitz, Katja
2012 Germany's solar cell promotion: An unfolding disasterFrondel, Manuel / Schmidt, Christoph M. / Vance, Colin
2012 Gold as an inflation hedge in a time-varying coefficient frameworkBeckmann, Joscha / Czudaj, Robert
2012 The spatial dimension of trade- and FDI-driven productivity growth in Chinese provinces: A global cointegration approachÖzyurt, Selin / Mitze, Timo
2012 Business taxation and wages: Evidence from individual panel dataBauer, Thomas K. / Kasten, Tanja / Siemers, Lars -H.R.
2012 Gender segregation and gender wage differences during the early labour market careerBechara, Peggy
2012 The costs of Babylon: Linguistic distance in applied economicsIsphording, Ingo E. / Otten, Sebastian
2012 The employment effect of industry-specific, collectively-bargained minimum wagesFrings, Hanna
2012 A political winner's curse: Why preventive policies pass parliament so narrowlyan de Meulen, Philipp / Bredemeier, Christian
2012 Monetary commitment and structural reforms: A dynamic panel analysis for transition economiesBelke, Ansgar / Vogel, Lukas
2012 Lost in transition? Minimum wage effects on German construction workersBachmann, Ronald / König, Marion / Schaffner, Sandra
2012 A theory of child adoptionBethmann, Dirk / Kvasnicka, Michael
2012 Structural change and spurious persistence in stochastic volatilityKrämer, Walter / Messow, Philip
2012 Heterogeneity in the effect of home energy audits: Theory and evidenceFrondel, Manuel / Vance, Colin
2012 Do coalitions really cause larger government expenditures? Mixed evidence from a regression discontinuity designGarmann, Sebastian
2012 Long-run trends or short-run fluctuations: What establishes the correlation between oil and food prices?Krätschell, Karoline / Schmidt, Torsten
2012 Interest rate pass-through in the EMU: New evidence from nonlinear cointegration techniques for fully harmonized dataBelke, Ansgar / Beckmann, Joscha / Verheyen, Florian
2012 On interaction effects: The case of heckit and two-part modelsFrondel, Manuel / Vance, Colin
2012 Generating random optimising choicesHeufer, Jan
2012 Immigration and structural change: Evidence from post-war GermanyBraun, Sebastian / Kvasnicka, Michael
2012 Oil price effects on land use competition: An empirical analysisDiermeier, Matthias / Schmidt, Torsten
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