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DateTitle Authors
2015 Success rates in simplified threshold public goods games: A theoretical modelFeige, Christian
2015 Mental accounting, access motives, and overinsuranceFels, Markus
2015 Green attitude and economic growthOtt, Ingrid / Soretz, Susanne
2015 Revenues and welfare in auctions with information releaseSchweizer, Nikolaus / Szech, Nora
2015 Decision making in politics and economics: 6. Empirically constructing the German political spectrumTangian, Andranik S.
2014 The effects of disclosure policy on risk management incentives and market entryHoang, Daniel / Ruckes, Martin
2014 Internal capital markets and diversified firms: Theory and practiceGatzer, Sebastian / Hoang, Daniel / Ruckes, Martin
2014 Innovation of knowledge intensive service firms in urban areasHammer, Andrea
2014 Stochastic technical analysis for decision making on the financial marketHöchstötter, Markus / Safarian, Mher
2014 The structure of freight flows in Europe and its implications for EU railway freight policyMitusch, Kay / Liedtke, Gernot / Guihery, Laurent / Bälz, David
2014 Voting on contributions to a threshold public goods game: An experimental investigationFeige, Christian / Ehrhart, Karl-Martin / Krämer, Jan
2014 Integration as a spatial institution: Implications for agglomeration and growthDeeken, Tim / Ott, Ingrid
2014 Erhaltungsgesetze fur das Modell Mr / Gr / 1 / ∞ in der Klasse der konservativen AbfertigungsdisziplinenSafarian, Mher
2014 Existence of bubbly equilibria in overlapping generations models with stochastic productionHillebrand, Marten
2014 Hedging options including transaction costs in incomplete marketsSafarian, Mher
2014 Behavioral variation in Tullock contestsMasiliunas, Aidas / Mengel, Friederike / Reiss, J. Philipp
2014 Aging workforce and firm growth in the context of "extreme" employment growth eventsSchimke, Antje
2014 Nanotechnology as general purpose technologyKreuchauff, Florian / Teichert, Nina
2013 Bubbles and crowding-in of capital via a savings glutHillebrand, Marten / Kikuchi, Tomoo / Sakuragawa, Masaya
2013 On portfolio risk estimationSafarian, Mher
2013 Unanimity overruled: Majority voting and the burden of historyNehring, Klaus / Pivato, Marcus / Puppe, Clemens
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