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DateTitle Authors
2012 Assuring adequate deterrence in tort: A public good experimentEisenberg, Theodore / Engel, Christoph
2012 A portfolio of dilemmas: Experimental evidence on choice bracketing in a mini-trust gameDing, Jieyao
2012 Competitive equilibrium in markets for votesCasella, Alessandra / Llorente-Saguer, Aniol / Palfrey, Thomas R.
2012 Harm on an innocent outsider as a lubricant of cooperation: An experimentEngel, Christoph / Zhurakhovska, Lilia
2012 Symmetric vs. asymmetric punishment regimes for briberyEngel, Christoph / Goerg, Sebastian J. / Yu, Gaoneng
2012 Low self-control as a source of crime: A meta-studyEngel, Christoph
2011 Antitrust law and the promotion of democracy and economic growthPetersen, Niels
2011 From posteriors to priors via cycles: An addendumHellwig, Martin
2011 Homo Oeconomicus Adaptivus: Die Logik des Handelns bei veränderlichen Präferenzenvon Weizsäcker, Carl Christian
2011 Public debt requirements in a regime of price stabilityvon Weizsäcker, Carl Christian
2011 Quo vadis, euroland? European Monetary Union between crisis and reformHellwig, Martin
2011 The people's hired guns? Experimentally testing the inclination of prosecutors to abuse the vague definition of crimesEngel, Christoph / Pluta, Alicja
2011 What numbers to choose for my lottery ticket? Behavior anomalies in the Chinese online lottery marketDing, Jieyao
2011 Effects of exclusion on social preferencesFischer, Sven / Güth, Werner
2011 Learning in experimental 2 x 2 gamesChmura, Thorsten / Goerg, Sebastian J. / Selten, Reinhard
2011 The coevolution of behavior and normative expectations: Customary law in the labEngel, Christoph / Kurschilgen, Michael
2011 The design of licensing contracts: Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and electrical engineering in imperial GermanyBurhop, Carsten / Lübbers, Thorsten
2011 Avoiding the common wisdom fallacy: The role of social sciences in constitutional adjudicationPetersen, Niels
2011 The state's enforcement monopoly and the private protection of propertyGrechenig, Kristoffel / Kolmar, Martin
2011 Using forward contracts to reduce regulatory captureHöffler, Felix / Kranz, Sebastian
2011 Is regulation essential to stock market development? Going public in London and Berlin, 1900-1913Burhop, Carsten / Chambers, David / Cheffins, Brian
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