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DateTitle Authors
1999 The Relative Earnings of Young Mexican, Black, and White WomenAntecol, Heather / Bedard, Kelly
1999 Trade and Payments in Eastern European Economic ReformArndt, Sven
1999 Crime and Punishment: Some Lessons of the Ruble CrisisWillett, Thomas D.
1999 School Size and the Distribution of Test ScoresBedard, Kelly / Brown Jr., William O. / Helland, Eric
1999 Turning Points during the U.S. Civil War: Views from the Grayback MarketWeidenmier, Marc D.
1999 Interest-Bearing Currency and Legal Restrictions Theory: Lessons from the Southern ConfederacyBurdekin, Richard C.K. / Weidenmier, Marc D.
1999 Inside Information and Public News: R-Squared and BeyondBrown Jr., William O.
1999 Signaling and Countersignaling: A Theory of UnderstatementFeltovich, Nick / Harbaugh, Rick / To, Ted
1999 Rental Harmony: Sperner's Lemma in Fair DivisionSu, Francis
1999 Budget Deficits, Public Spending and Interest Rates in ThailandKuehlwein, Michael / Samalapa, Sansern
1999 Exit, Voice, and the Role of Corporate Directors: Evidence from Acquisition PerformanceBrown Jr., William O. / Maloney, Michael T.
1999 Fraud and Financial Markets: The 1997 Collapse of the Junior Mining StocksBrown Jr., William O. / Burdekin, Richard C.K.
1999 Industry Evolution: New Technologies and New FirmsFilson, Darren / Franco, April Mitchell
1999 Sources of Funds and Quality Effects in Higher EducationBrown Jr., William O.
1999 A Political Economy Analysis of the Maastricht and Stability Pact Fiscal CriteriaWillett, Thomas D.
1999 The Path to Prosperity: A Political Model of Demographic ChangeFeng, Yi / Kugler, Jacek / Zak, Paul
1999 Faculty Participation in University Governance and the Effects on University PerformanceBrown Jr., William O.
1999 The Variability of Inflation and Real Stock ReturnsHu, Xiaoqiang / Willett, Thomas D.
1999 School Quality and the Distribution of Male Earnings in CanadaBedard, Kelly
1999 Inflation is Always and Everywhere a Monetary Phenomenon: Richmond vs. Houston in 1864Burdekin, Richard C.K. / Weidenmier, Marc D.
1999 The Effect of Electoral Institutions on Tort AwardsHelland, Eric / Taberrok, Alexander
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