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DateTitle Authors
2014 Public Preferences for Government Spending Priorities: Survey Evidence from GermanyHayo, Bernd / Neumeier, Florian
2014 On the interrelation between carbon offsetting and other voluntary climate protection activities: Theory and empirical evidenceLange, Andreas / Schwirplies, Claudia / Ziegler, Andreas
2014 Private provision of public goods: Do individual climate protection efforts depend on perceptions of climate policy?Schleich, Joachim / Schwirplies, Claudia / Ziegler, Andreas
2014 State Fiscal Policies and Regional Economic ActivityUhl, Matthias
2014 Soft Paternalismus und VerbraucherpolitikKerber, Wolfgang
2014 Empirical Analysis of the Assessment of Innovation Effects in U.S. Merger CasesKern, Benjamin R. / Dewenter, Ralf / Kerber, Wolfgang
2014 Land allocation in subsistence economies and intra-familial time-use decisionsAzebaze, Nadege Miclanche / Falk, Thomas / Korn, Evelyn
2014 Cohort size and youth unemployment in Europe: a regional analysisMoffat, John / Roth, Duncan
2014 International Capital Flows, External Assets and Output VolatilityHoffmann, Matthias / Krause, Michael / Tillmann, Peter
2014 International Marriage for Homogeneity? - Evidence from Marriage Migration in South KoreaCho, Seo-Young
2014 Optimal Monetary Policy in a Currency Union: Implications of a Country-specific Cost ChannelMichaelis, Jochen / Palek, Jakob
2014 Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Times of Crises: A New Keynesian Perspective in Continuous TimeHayo, Bernd / Niehof, Britta
2014 A General Microsimulation Model for the EU VAT with a specific Application to GermanySiemers, Lars-H. R.
2014 The Debt Brake in the Eyes of the German PopulationHayo, Bernd / Neumeier, Florian
2014 Taxation and Labour Supply: Evidence from a Representative Population SurveyHayo, Bernd / Uhl, Matthias
2014 Professional Cycling and the Fight against DopingRobeck, Volker
2014 Rating Agencies: An Experimental Analysis of their Remuneration ModelBühren, Christoph / Pleßner, Marco
2014 Order Placement in a Continuous Double Auction Agent Based ModelMandes, Alexandru
2014 A Capacity Market for Electricity Sectors with Promotion of Renewable EnergySchäfer, Sebastian / Schulten, Lisa
2014 The Value of User-Specific Information for Two-Sided MatchmakersBrühn, Tim / Götz, Georg / Meinusch, Annette
2014 The macroeconomic impact of unconventional monetary policy shocksMeinusch, Annette / Tillmann, Peter
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