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DateTitle Authors
2014 The labor market effects of trade unions: Layard meets MelitzDe Pinto, Marco / Michaelis, Jochen
2014 Taxation and consumption: Evidence from a representative survey of the German populationHayo, Bernd / Uhl, Matthias
2014 Do property rights and contract farming matter for rural development? Evidence from a large-scale investment in GhanaVäth, Susanne / Kirk, Michael
2014 What drives small municipalities to cooperate? Evidence from Hessian municipalitiesBlaeschke, Frédéric
2014 Regulation of network sectors in the EU: A federalist perspectiveKerber, Wolfgang / Wendel, Julia
2014 Analysis of monetary policy responses after financial market crises in a continuous time New Keynesian ModelHayo, Bernd / Niehof, Britta
2014 Effective promotion of renewable energy in the presence of an emissions trading system: [analysis of the success of ETS and promotion of renewable energy as overlapping regulations in Germany - adjustment of the ETS]Schäfer, Sebastian
2014 Innovation markets, future Markets, or potential competition: How should competition authorities account for innovation competition in merger reviews?Kern, Benjamin
2014 Life satisfaction, contract farming and property rights: Evidence from GhanaVäth, Susanne / Gobien, Simone
2014 An empirical analysis of business cycles in a New Keynesian model with inventoriesFörster, Marcel
2014 Shedding some light on the dark matter of competition: Insights from the strategic management and organizational science literature for the consideration of diversity aspects in merger reviewKern, Benjamin R. / Ackermann, Malte
2014 Citizens' perceptions of justice in international climate policy: An empirical analysisSchleich, Joachim / Dütschke, Elisabeth / Schwirplies, Claudia / Ziegler, Andreas
2014 Political institutions and government spending behavior in IranDizaji, Sajjad Faraji / Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza
2014 Resource rents, power, and political stabilityBjorvatn, Kjetil / Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza
2014 Mergers and the incentives to undertake product innovation oriented R&D: First steps towards an assessment approachKern, Benjamin René / Mantilla Contreras, Juan Manuel
2014 The impact of UN and US economic sanctions on GDP growthNeuenkirch, Matthias / Neumeier, Florian
2014 Self-monitoring or reliance on newswire services: How do financial market participants process central bank news?Hayo, Bernd / Neuenkirch, Matthias
2014 Warum der Sieg von Ritter Sport über Stiftung Warentest ein Pyrrhussieg istHildenbrand, Andreas / Kühl, Rainer
2014 Central bank communication in the financial crisis: Evidence from a survey of financial market participantsHayo, Bernd / Neuenkirch, Matthias
2014 Topics in fiscal policy: Evidence from a representative survey of the German populationHayo, Bernd / Neumeier, Florian / Uhl, Matthias
2014 Measuring anti-trafficking policy: Integrating text and statistical analysisCho, Seo-Young
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