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DateTitle Authors
1996 Discriminatory consequences of non-discriminatory standardsMattoo, Aaditya
1996 The government procurement agreement: Implications of economic theoryMattoo, Aaditya
1997 MERCOSUR: Objectives and achievementsLaird, Sam
1997 The new liberalism: Trade policy developments in emerging marketsDrabek, Zdenek / Laird, Sam
1997 National treatment in the GATS: Corner-stone or Pandora's BoxMattoo, Aaditya
1997 WTO rules and good practice on export policyLaird, Sam
1997 Dealing with monopolies and state enterprises: WTO rules for goods and servicesMattoo, Aaditya
1998 Fiscal policy cycles and the exchange regime in developing countriesSchuknecht, Ludger
1998 Reform in basic telecommunications and the WTO negotiations: The Asian experienceLow, Patrick / Mattoo, Aaditya
1998 Managing capital flows in transition economies with a case-study of Central and Eastern EuropeDrabek, Zdenek / Griffith-Jones, Stephany
1998 Regulatory autonomy and multilateral disciplines: The dilemma and a possible resolutionMattoo, Aaditya / Subramanian, Arvind
1998 A multilateral agreement on investment: Convincing the scepticsDrabek, Zdenek
1998 Does globalization cause a higher concentration of international trade and investment flows?Low, Patrick / Olarreaga, Marcelo / Suarez, Javier
1998 Why are trade agreements more attractive in the presence of foreign direct investment?Olarreaga, Marcelo
1998 A simple trade policy perspective on capital controlsSchuknecht, Ludger
1998 Multilateral approaches to market access negotiationsLaird, Sam
1998 Preferential and non-preferential trade flows in world tradeGrether, Jean-Marie / Olarreaga, Marcelo
1998 Fiscal policy cycles and public expenditure in developing countriesSchuknecht, Ludger
1998 Tying governments' hands in commodity taxationSchuknecht, Ludger
1998 Exchange rate regimes and the stability of trade policy in transition economiesDrabek, Zdenek / Brada, Josef C.
1998 Financial services and the WTO: Liberalization in the developing and transition economiesMattoo, Aaditya
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