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DateTitle Authors
1996 The government procurement agreement: Implications of economic theoryMattoo, Aaditya
1997 MERCOSUR: Objectives and achievementsLaird, Sam
1997 Regulatory autonomy and multilateral disciplines: The dilemma and a possible resolutionMattoo, Aaditya / Subramanian, Arvind
1997 The new liberalism: Trade policy developments in emerging marketsDrabek, Zdenek / Laird, Sam
1997 National treatment in the GATS: Corner-stone or Pandora's BoxMattoo, Aaditya
1997 Multilateral approaches to market access negotiationsLaird, Sam
1997 WTO rules and good practice on export policyLaird, Sam
1997 Discriminatory consequences of non-discriminatory standardsMattoo, Aaditya
1997 Dealing with monopolies and state enterprises: WTO rules for goods and servicesMattoo, Aaditya
1997 EU import measures and the developing countriesAuboin, Marc / Laird, Sam
1997 Transition economies, business and the WTOLaird, Sam
1998 Fiscal policy cycles and the exchange regime in developing countriesSchuknecht, Ludger
1998 Reform in basic telecommunications and the WTO negotiations: The Asian experienceLow, Patrick / Mattoo, Aaditya
1998 Managing capital flows in transition economies with a case-study of Central and Eastern EuropeDrabek, Zdenek / Griffith-Jones, Stephany
1998 A multilateral agreement on investment: Convincing the scepticsDrabek, Zdenek
1998 Does globalization cause a higher concentration of international trade and investment flows?Low, Patrick / Olarreaga, Marcelo / Suarez, Javier
1998 Why are trade agreements more attractive in the presence of foreign direct investment?Olarreaga, Marcelo
1998 A simple trade policy perspective on capital controlsSchuknecht, Ludger
1998 Preferential and non-preferential trade flows in world tradeGrether, Jean-Marie / Olarreaga, Marcelo
1998 Fiscal policy cycles and public expenditure in developing countriesSchuknecht, Ludger
1998 Tying governments' hands in commodity taxationSchuknecht, Ludger
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