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DateTitle Authors
2014 Trade, Integration, and Interregional InequalityHirte, Georg / Lessmann, Christian
2014 Cultural Integration and Export Variety Overlap Across CountriesEgger, Peter / Lassmann, Andrea
2014 Volatility and Diversification of Exports: Firm-Level Theory and EvidenceVannoorenberghe, Gonzague / Wang, Zheng / Yu, Zhihong
2014 The Impact of Basel III on Trade Finance: The Potential Unintended Consequences of the Leverage RatioAuboin, Marc / Blengini, Isabella
2014 Trade and UncertaintyNovy, Dennis / Taylor, Alan M.
2014 Energy Use and Economic Growth in Africa: A Panel Granger-Causality InvestigationArouri, Mohamed El Hedi / Youssef, Adel Ben / M'Henni, Hatem / Rault, Christophe
2014 The Sources of the Gender Gap in Economics EnrolmentTonin, Mirco / Wahba, Jackline
2014 Can and Should the EU's Eastern Partnership be Saved?Gylfason, Thorvaldur / Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada / Wijkman, Per Magnus
2014 Global Warming and a Potential Tipping Point in the Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation: The Role of Risk AversionBelaia, Mariia / Funke, Michael / Glanemann, Nicole
2014 Is Emission Intensity or Output U-shaped in the Strictness of Environmental PolicyDijkstra, Bouwe / Gil-Moltó, Maria J.
2014 Firm Performance and Trade with Low-Income Countries: Evidence from ChinaSchmerer, Hans-Jörg / Wang, Luhang
2014 The Democratic Window of Opportunity: Evidence from Riots in Sub-Saharan AfricaAidt, Toke / Leon, Gabriel
2014 Can Peers Improve Agricultural Productivity?Songsermsawas, Tisorn / Baylis, Kathy / Chhatre, Ashwini / Michelson, Hope
2014 The Costs and Benefits of Mandatory Securities Regulation: Evidence from Market Reactions to the JOBS Act of 2012Dharmapala, Dhammika / Khanna, Vikramaditya
2014 Simply a Matter of Luck & Looks? Predicting Elections when Both the World Economy and the Psychology of Faces CountGarretsen, Harry / Stoker, Janka I. / Alessie, Rob / Lammers, Joris
2014 Communicating Subjective EvaluationsLang, Matthias
2014 Stimulating Annuity MarketsHeijdra, Ben J. / Mierau, Jochen O. / Trimborn, Timo
2014 Bidding for Firms with Unknown CharacteristicsBecker, Johannes / Schneider, Andrea
2014 Panel Cointegration Tests on the Fiscal Sustainability of German LaenderBurret, Heiko T. / Feld, Lars P. / Köhler, Ekkehard A.
2014 The Minimum Wage from a Two-Sided PerspectiveBrown, Alessio J. G. / Merkl, Christian / Snower, Dennis J.
2014 A Spatial Approach to Energy Economics: Theory, Measurement and EmpiricsMoreno-Cruz, Juan / Taylor, M. Scott
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