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DateTitle Authors
2014 Average-cost Pricing and Dynamic Selection Incentives in the Hospital SectorKifmann, Mathias / Siciliani, Luigi
2014 Cheating and Loss Aversion: Do People Lie More to Avoid a Loss?Grolleau, Gilles / Kocher, Martin G. / Sutan, Angela
2014 Globalization, Wage Polarization, and the Unstable Great RatioCozzi, Guido / Impullitti, Giammario
2014 Union Bargaining Power and Product Innovation: Relevance of the Preference FunctionBasak, Debasmita / Hoefele, Andreas / Mukherjee, Arijit
2014 Estimation of Time-invariant Effects in Static Panel Data ModelsPesaran, M. Hashem / Zhou, Qiankun
2014 Controlling Product Risks when Consumers are Heterogeneously Overconfident: Producer Liability vs. Minimum Quality Standard RegulationBaniak, Andrzej / Grajzl, Peter
2014 Gender Differences in Honesty: Groups Versus IndividualsMühlheusser, Gerd / Roider, Andreas / Wallmeier, Niklas
2014 Abusive Transfer Pricing and Economic ActivityNielsen, Søren Bo / Schindler, Dirk / Schjelderup, Guttorm
2014 Inefficient School Choice in a Long-Run Urban EquilibriumKamecke, Ulrich
2014 'Globesity'? The Effects of Globalization on Obesity and Caloric IntakeCosta-i-Font, Joan / Mas, Núria
2014 Socio-Economic Heterogeneity and Electoral Turnout: An Aggregate Analysis with Precinct-Level DataBellettini, Giorgio / Ceroni, Carlotta Berti / Monfardini, Chiara
2014 Estimating Dynamic Equilibrium Models Using Mixed Frequency Macro and Financial DataChristensen, Bent Jesper / Posch, Olaf / van der Wel, Michel
2014 Does Fiscal Oversight Matter?Christofzik, Désirée / Kessing, Sebastian
2014 FRAND Royalties and Injunctions for Standard Essential PatentsChoi, Jay Pil
2014 The Matthew Effect in Economics ReconsideredBirkmaier, Daniel / Wohlrabe, Klaus
2014 Not so Myopic Consumers - Evidence on Capitalization of Energy Technologies in a Housing MarketHarjunen, Oskari / Liski, Matti
2014 Dimensions of Macroeconomic Uncertainty: A Common Factor AnalysisHenzel, Steffen / Rengel, Malte
2014 Birthplace Diversity and Productivity Spill-Overs in FirmsBöheim, René / Horvath, Thomas / Mayr, Karin
2014 Macroeconomic Potentials of Transatlantic Free Trade: A High Resolution Perspective for Europe and the WorldFelbermayr, Gabriel J. / Heid, Benedikt / Larch, Mario / Yalcin, Erdal
2014 Behavioral Political Economy: A SurveySchnellenbach, Jan / Schubert, Christian
2014 Sweden's School Choice Reform and Equality of OpportunityEdmark, Karin / Frölich, Markus / Wondratschek, Verena
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