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DateTitle Authors
2014 Ex Post Information Rents in Sequential ScreeningKrähmer, Daniel / Strausz, Roland
2014 Trust, Racial Fragmentation and Income Inequality: New Evidence from the U.S.Tesei, Andrea
2014 Security Gradient and National Defense - The Optimal Choice between a Draft Army and a Professional ArmyKanniainen, Vesa / Ringbom, Staffan
2014 Gender Differences in Strategic ReasoningDittrich, Marcus / Leipold, Kristina
2014 Using Military Build-Ups to Capture Fiscal Shocks: A ReassessmentYang, Weonho / Fidrmuc, Jan / Ghosh, Sugata
2014 Carbon Tariffs RevisitedBöhringer, Christoph / Müller, André / Schneider, Jan
2014 Fiscal Autonomy and Fiscal Sustainability: Subnational Taxation and Public Indebtedness in Contemporary SpainLarin, Benjamin / Süssmuth, Bernd
2014 Curriculum and IdeologyCantoni, Davide / Chen, Yuyu / Yang, David Y. / Yuchtman, Noam / Zhang, Y. Jane
2014 International Migration of Skilled Workers with Endogenous PoliciesDjajic, Slobodan / Michael, Michael S.
2014 Birthweight and Academic Achievement in ChildhoodChatterji, Pinka / Kim, Dohyung / Lahiri, Kajal
2014 The Return to College: Selection Bias and Dropout RiskHendricks, Lutz / Leukhina, Oksana
2014 Anti Profit-Shifting Rules and Foreign Direct InvestmentBuettner, Thiess / Overesch, Michael / Wamser, Georg
2014 Shipment Frequency of Exporters and Demand UncertaintyBékés, Gabor / Fontagné, Lionel Gérard / Murakozy, Balazs / Vicard, Vincent
2014 Growing Groups, Cooperation, and the Rate of EntryRanehill, Eva / Schneider, Frédéric / Weber, Roberto A.
2014 Public Investment when Capital is Back - Distributional Effects of Heterogeneous Saving BehaviorMattauch, Linus / Edenhofer, Ottmar / Klenert, David / Bénard, Sophie
2014 The Crisis and Regional Resilience in Europe: On the Importance of Urbanization and SpecializationBrakman, Steven / Garretsen, Harry / van Marrewijk, Charles
2014 Innovation ContestsPérez-Castrillo, David / Wettstein, David
2014 Government Guarantees and Bank Risk Taking IncentivesFischer, Markus / Hainz, Christa / Rocholl, Jörg / Steffen, Sascha
2014 Foreign Bidders Going Once, Going Twice... Protection in Government Procurement AuctionsCole, Matthew T. / Davies, Ronald B.
2014 A Pareto-Improving Minimum WageDanziger, Eliav / Danziger, Leif
2014 Why Do We Ignore the Risk in Schooling Decisions?Hartog, Joop / Diaz-Serrano, Luis
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