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DateTitle Authors
2012 Housing markets in selceted European countries and the USAGostkowska-Drzewicka, Magdalena
2008 Preisbildende Faktoren von privaten ImmobilienGürtler, Marc / Rehan, Christine
2010 Directed Search in the Housing MarketAlbrecht, James / Gautier, Pieter A. / Vroman, Susan
2000 Prices on the Second-hand Market for Swedish Family Houses – Correlation, Causation and Determinants.Berg, Lennart
2011 Goods distribution management in city logistics environment: A systemic approachZeimpekis, Vasileios
2013 Endogenous bank credit and its link to housing in OECD countriesArestis, Philip / González, Ana Rosa
2015 Urban house prices: A tale of 48 citiesKholodilin, Konstantin A. / Ulbricht, Dirk
2012 Location, location, location: Extracting location value from house pricesKolbe, Jens / Schulz, Rainer / Wersing, Martin / Werwatz, Axel
2010 Identificación de submercados de vivienda en EspañaAltuzarra Artola, Amaia / Esteban Galarza, Marisol
2012 Internet offer prices for flats and their determinants: A cross section of large European citiesKholodilin, Konstantin A.

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