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2013 Socio-cultural Diversity and Urban BuzzArribas-Bel, Daniel / Kourtit, Karima / Nijkamp, Peter
2013 Spatial Heterogeneity in Hedonic House Price Models: The Case of AustriaHelbich, Marco / Brunauer, Wolfgang / Vaz, Eric / Nijkamp, Peter
2013 Assessment of Local Key Sectors in a Triple-Layer Spatial Systemvan Leeuwen, Eveline / Ishikawa, Yoshifumi / Nijkamp, Peter
2013 Herding Behaviour, Bubbles and Log Periodic Power Laws in Illiquid Stock Markets. A Case Study on the Bucharest Stock ExchangePele, Daniel Traian / Mazurencu-Marinescu, Miruna / Nijkamp, Peter
2013 Regional Inequality and Human Capital Quality: The Impact of Technology on the Arrival Rate of Employment OffersAlexiadis, Stilianos / Eleftheriou, Konstantinos / Nijkamp, Peter
2004 Wissenschaftseinrichtungen und regionale Wirtschaftsentwicklung : Ergebnisse einer Untersuchung am Beispiel der Wissenschaftseinrichtungen in der Region HalleRosenfeld, Martin T. W. / Roth, Diana
2005 Optimal commodity taxation when land and structures must be taxed at the same rateAura, Saku / Davidoff, Thomas
2014 Regionale Innovationssysteme im VergleichArnold, Michael / Mattes, Anselm / Sandner, Philipp
2006 Social interaction and urban sprawlBrueckner, Jan Keith / Largey, Ann G.
2007 The effect of information and communication technologies on urban structureIoannides, Yannis M. / Overman, Henry G. / Rossi-Hansberg, Esteban / Schmidheiny, Kurt

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