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2012 Impactos socio-económicos y ambientales de compensaciones por la reducción de emisiones de deforestación en Bolivia: Resultados del modelo OSIRIS-BoliviaAndersen, Lykke E. / Busch, Jonah / Curran, Elizabeth / Ledezma, Juan Carlos / Mayorga, Joaquin / Ruiz, Pablo
2012 Environmental and socio-economic consequences of forest carbon payments in Bolivia: Results of the OSIRIS-Bolivia modelAndersen, Lykke E. / Busch, Jonah / Curran, Elizabeth / Ledezma, Juan Carlos / Mayorga, Joaquin / Bellier, Mélissa
2011 In search for Tiebout's mechanism "vote with their feet" in BavariaMünch, Angela
2014 Biofuels and vertical price transmission: The case of the U.S. corn, ethanol, and food marketsDrabik, Dusan / Ciaian, Pavel / Pokrivcak, Jan
2014 Wärmemonitor Deutschland 2013: Gesunkener Heizenergiebedarf, gestiegene KostenMichelsen, Claus / Neuhoff, Karsten / Schopp, Anne
2008 An overview of carbon markets and emissions trading: Lessons for CanadaKing, Michael R.
2011 Optimal Environmental Policy Design In The Presence Of Uncertainty And Technology SpilloversHimmes, Patrick / Weber, Christoph
2006 Satisfaction with democracy and the environment in Western Europe : a panel analysisWagner, Alexander F. / Schneider, Friedrich G.
2011 A methodology to estimate security of supply in electricity generation: results for Germany until 2030 given a high level of intermittent electricity feed-inPaulus, Moritz / Grave, Katharina / Lindenberger, Dietmar
2003 Migration and pollutionJha, Raghbendra / Whalley, John

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