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DateTitle Authors
2009 Estado e economia: Estado e crescimento econômico no BrasilBonelli, Regis
2004 Arthur Lewis' Contribution to Development Thinking and PolicyRanis, Gustav
2008 Financial development and the distribution of income in Latin America and the CaribbeanCanavire-Bacarreza, Gustavo / Rioja, Felix
2008 Biogeographical conditions, the transition to agriculture and long-run growthBleaney, Michael / Dimico, Arcangelo
2007 The international economics of natural resources and growthGylfason, Thorvaldur
2011 Natural resource endowment: A mixed blessing?Gylfason, Thorvaldur
2013 Inequality of opportunities in the labor market: Evidence from life in transition surveys in Europe and Central AsiaAbras, Ana / Hoyos, Alejandro / Narayan, Ambar / Tiwari, Sailesh
2008 Beyond industrialization: New approaches to development strategy based on the service sectorSheehan, Peter
2007 Analyzing patterns of economic growth: a production frontier approachKerekes, Monika
2005 The 2005 Lawrence R. Klein lecture: emergent class structureMatsuyama, Kiminori

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