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2012 Financiamento e organização do tráfico de escravos para pernambuco no século XIXAlbuquerque, Débora de Souza Leão / Versiani, Flávio Rabelo / Vergolino, José Raimundo Oliveira
2009 Television and divorce: Evidence from Brazilian NovelasChong, Alberto / La Ferrara, Eliana
2009 History without evidence: Latin American inequality since 1491Williamson, Jeffrey G.
2012 On the human capital of Inca Indios before and after the Spanish conquest: Was there a "pre-colonial legacy"?Juif, Dácil-Tania / Baten, Joerg
2011 The Inter-Generational Transmission of Cognitive Abilities in GuatemalaCalderón, Ma. Cecilia / Hoddinott, John
2009 History without Evidence: Latin American Inequality since 1491Williamson, Jeffrey G.
2009 Trading inequality? Insights from the two globalizations in Latin AmericaArroyo Abad, A. Leticia / Santos-Paulino, Amelia U.
2011 The impact of income adjustments in the CASEN survey on the measurement of inequality in ChileBravo, David / Valderrama Torres, José A.
2010 The great leap forward: The political economy of education in Brazil, 1889-1930Martínez Fritscher, André / Musacchio, Aldo / Viarengo, Martina
2007 Populism and Neopopulism in Latin America: Clientelism, Trade Union Organisation and Electoral Support in Mexico and Argentina in the ‘90sRonchi, Veronica

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