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1999 How Long Did It Take the United States to Become an Optimal Currency Area?Rockoff, Hugh
2000 A Wolfram in Sheep's Clothing: Economic Warfare in Spain and Portugal, 1940-1944Rockoff, Hugh / Caruana, Leonard
1996 Price and Production Controls in World War IIRockoff, Hugh
1996 The Paradox of Planning in World War IIRockoff, Hugh
2004 External effects of currency unionsPlümper, Thomas / Troeger, Vera E.
1994 From Plowshares to Swords: The American Economy in World War IIRockoff, Hugh
2008 Unified growth based on the specific factors modelCaspari, Volker / Pertz, Klaus
2009 Institutions, geography, and terms of trade in Latin America: A longitudinal econometric analysisPerry, Nathan / Schönerwald, Carlos
2008 Monetary policies and low-frequency manifestations of the quantity theorySargent, Thomas J. / Surico, Paolo
2007 Term structure transmission of monetary policyKozicki, Sharon / Tinsley, P. A.

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