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2010 Efectos de la dispersión retributiva en los resultados de las empresas cotizadas Epañolas: Evidencia sobre el modelo del torneoSánchez Marín, G.
2004 The Determinants of Salary and Bonus for Rank and File EmployeesDemougin, Dominique M. / Fabel, Oliver
2014 Say Pays! Shareholder Voice and Firm PerformanceCuñat, Vicente / Giné, Mireia / Guadalupe, Maria
2009 How Important Are Risk-Taking Incentives in Executive Compensation?Dittmann, Ingolf / Yu, Ko-Chia
2007 The hidden costs of control: an unsuccessful replication studyPloner, Matteo / Ziegelmeyer, Anthony
2010 Dynamic Incentive Effects of Relative Performance Pay: A Field ExperimentDelfgaauw, Josse / Dur, Robert / Non, Arjan / Verbeke, Willem
2006 Einfluss sozialer Präferenzen auf die Steuerung dezentraler EinheitenSandner, Kai
2008 Intra-firm wage inequality and firm performance: first evidence from German linked employer-employee-dataBraakmann, Nils
2015 Reciprocity in Organisations - Evidence from the WERSEnglmaier, Florian / Kolaska, Thomas / Leider, Stephen G.
2013 Employee Recognition and Performance: A Field ExperimentBradler, Christiane / Dur, Robert / Neckermann, Susanne / Non, Arjan

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