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DateTitle Authors
2014 Strategic Withholding through Production FailuresFogelberg, Sara / Lazarczyk, Ewa
2009 Defining European Wholesale Electricity Markets: An “And/Or” ApproachDijkgraaf, Elbert / Janssen, Maarten C.W.
2006 Netting of capacity in interconnector auctionsHöffler, Felix / Wittmann, Tobias
2015 Private and Public Information on the Nordic Intra-Day Electricity MarketLazarczyk, Ewa
2010 Modelling the distribution of day-ahead electricity returns: A comparisonSapio, Sandro
17-Oct-2014 Design Options for a Strategic Reserve for the German Power Market and International CoordinationNeuhoff, Karsten / Schwenen, Sebastian
2012 Green electricity investment in Europe: Development scenarios for generation and transmission investmentsvon Hirschhausen, Christian
2008 Welfare and competition effects of electricity interconnection between Great Britan and IrelandMalaguzzi Valeri, Laura
2015 The Wind Power Volatility and the Impact on Failure Rates in the Nordic Electricity MarketFogelberg, Sara / Lazarczyk, Ewa
2007 Forecasting Weekly Electricity Prices at Nord PoolTorró, Hipòlit

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