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DateTitle Authors
2006 Environmental liability and redevelopment of old industrial landSigman, Hilary
2007 Comment: legal liability as climate change policySigman, Hilary
2008 Satisfaction with democracy and collective action problems: the case of the environmentHalla, Martin / Schneider, Friedrich G. / Wagner, Alexander F.
2009 Impact of non-smoking ordinances on hospitality revenues: The case of GermanyAhlfeldt, Gabriel M. / Maennig, Wolfgang
2014 Breaking the Link Between Legal Access to Alcohol and Motor Vehicle Accidents: Evidence from New South WalesLindo, Jason M. / Siminski, Peter / Yerokhin, Oleg
1995 Raising rivals' costs with environmental regulation: An intertemporal lobbying approachKörber, Achim
2005 Was It Something I Ate? Implementation of the FDA Seafood HACCP ProgramAlberini, Anna / Lichtenberg, Erik / Mancini, Dominic / Galinato, Gregmar I.
2013 Environmental innovations and profitability: How does it pay to be green? An empirical analysis on the German innovation surveyGhisetti, Claudia / Rennings, Klaus
2013 Aesthetics in young children's lives: From music technology curriculum perspectiveKo, Chia-hui / Chou, Mei-ju
2012 Relative performance of liability rules: Experimental evidenceAngelova, Vera / Attanasi, Giuseppe / Hiriart, Yolande

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