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DateTitle Authors
2004 An Alternative Approach to Testing Dual Labour Market TheoryLaunov, Andrey
2008 Occupational mismatch and moonlighting among Spanish physicians: do couples matter?Dolado, Juan José / Felgueroso, Florentino
2006 Competitive and segmented informal labor marketsGünther, Isabel / Launov, Andrey
2013 The Structure of the Permanent Job Wage Premium: Evidence from EuropeKahn, Lawrence
2013 The cyclical behaviour of employers' monopsony power and workers' wagesHirsch, Boris / Jahn, Elke J. / Schnabel, Claus
2012 The employment effect of industry-specific, collectively-bargained minimum wagesFrings, Hanna
2006 Competitive and Segmented Informal Labor MarketsGünther, Isabel / Launov, Andrey
2006 Competitive and Segmented Informal Labor MarketsLaunov, Andrey / Günther, Isabel
2009 Estimating the firm's labor supply curve in a new monopsony framework: school teachers in MissouriRansom, Michael R. / Sims, David P.
2008 Does the minimum wage have a higher impact on the informal than on the formal labor market? Evidence from quasi-experimentsKhamis, Melanie

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