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DateTitle Authors
2013 Reforming labor markets: Reflections of an economist who (unexpectedly) became the Italian Minister of LaborFornero, Elsa
2008 Understanding low average returns to education in Africa: the role of heterogeneity across education levels and the importance of political and economic reformsUwaifo Oyelere, Ruth
2008 Job protection legislation and productivity growth in OECD countriesBassanini, Andrea / Nunziata, Luca / Venn, Danielle
2007 Labor market policies and outcomes: cross country evidence for the EU-27Rovelli, Riccardo / Bruno, Randolph Luca
2008 Labor market policies, institutions and employment rates in the EU-27Rovelli, Riccardo / Bruno, Randolph Luca
2013 Tackling graduate unemployment in North Africa through employment subsidies: A look at the SIVP programme in TunisiaBroecke, Stijn
2007 Homogene und heterogene Teilnahmeeffekte des Hamburger Kombilohnmodells: Ein Verfahrensvergleich von Propensity Score Matching und OLS-RegressionPfeifer, Christian
2013 What Do Labor Market Institutions Do?Holmlund, Bertil
2010 Workers' views of the impact of trade on jobsBrown, Clair / Lane, Julia / Sturgeon, Timothy
2009 Income support systems, labour supply incentives and employment: Some cross-country evidenceForslund, Anders / Fredriksson, Peter

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