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2001 Income redistribution and the political economy of social health insurance : comparing Germany and SwitzerlandBreyer, Friedrich
2005 Pawns and Queens Revisited : public provision of private goods when individuals make mistakesPirttilä, Jukka / Tenhunen, Sanna
2005 Educational standards in private and public schoolsBrunello, Giorgio / Rocco, Lorenzo
2008 Young and old competing for public welfare servicesBorge, Lars-Erik / Rattsø, Jørn
2010 Public provision of private goods, tagging and optimal income taxation with heterogeneity in needsBastani, Spencer / Blomquist, Sören / Micheletto, Luca
2013 Relative Consumption, Optimal Taxation and Public Provision of Private GoodsKoenig, Tobias / Lausen, Tobias
2001 A Median Voter Model of Health Insurance with Ex Post Moral HazardJacob, Johanna / Lundin, Douglas
2000 A median voter model of health insurance with ex post moral hazardJacob, Johanna / Lundin, Douglas
2013 How Should Commodities be Taxed? A Counterargument to the Recommendation in the Mirrlees ReviewBastani, Spencer / Blomquist, Sören / Pirttilä, Jukka
2005 Optimal cost reimbursement of health insurers to reduce risk selectionKifmann, Mathias / Lorenz, Normann

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