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2013 Sustainable financial markets: Financial transaction tax and high capital buffers indispensableSchäfer, Dorothea
2013 Implicit state guarantees exacerbate problem: Separated banking system alone not a solutionKlaus, Benjamin / Schäfer, Dorothea
2013 Implizite Staatsgarantien verschärfen die Probleme: Trennbankensystem allein ist keine LösungKlaus, Benjamin / Schäfer, Dorothea
2013 Nachhaltige Finanzmärkte: Finanztransaktionssteuer und hohe Eigenkapitalpuffer sind unverzichtbarSchäfer, Dorothea
2003 Sustainability and organizational design in informal groups, with some evidence from Kenyan roscasAnderson, Siwan / Baland, Jean-Marie / Moene, Karl Ove
1998 Micro-credit and group lending: The collateral effectAndersen, Lykke Eg / Nina, Osvaldo
2010 Limit-Order Submission Strategies under Asymmetric InformationMenkhoff, Lukas / Osler, Carol Lee / Schmeling, Maik
2008 Contagion and the beginning of the crisis - Pre-Lehman periodKirály, Júlia / Nagy, Márton / Szabó, Viktor E.
2005 Does SIZE matter?: Liquidity provision by the Nasdaq anonymous trading FacilityMizrach, Bruce
2012 Performance inconsistency in mutual funds: An investigation of window-dressing behaviorAgarwal, Vikas / Gay, Gerald D. / Ling, Leng

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