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2010 Evolução recente do comércio exterior brasileiro com os países do MercosulMoreira, Sérvulo Vicente / Milhomem, Ethianne Érica Lucena
2011 Exploring trade flows between MERCOSUR and the EU: What does an export demand function tell us?Barraud, Ariel A. / Jacobo, Alejandro D.
1997 MERCOSUR: Objectives and achievementsLaird, Sam
2014 Market Access and Welfare: Is there a Conflict?Raimondos-Møller, Pascalis / Woodland, Alan D.
2006 Steepest ascent tariff reformsRaimondos-Møller, Pascalis / Woodland, Alan D.
2012 Padrões de especialização comercial no MercosulGrimaldi, Daniel / Carneiro, Flávio / Oliveira, Luís Felipe
2011 The design of preferential trade agreements: A new dataset in the MakingBaccini, Leonardo / Dür, Andreas / Elsig, Manfred / Milewicz, Karolina
2008 Enlarging the EMU to the east: what effects on trade?Belke, Ansgar / Spies, Julia
2008 China, Japan and the quest for leadership in East AsiaNabers, Dirk
2007 The potential of Regional Integration Agreements (RIAs) in enhancing the credibility of reform: The case of the Syrian-European association agreementZorob, Anja

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