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2005 Is there a role for an active fiscal stabilization policy?Andersen, Torben M.
2003 Dynamics of Inclusion of Accession Countries into the European Monetary Union : Some Institutional AspectsLavrač, Vladimir
1999 Partisan social happinessDiTella, Rafael / MacCulloch, Robert
2014 Success when stars align: Public financial management reforms in Sierra LeoneTavakoli, Heidi / Cessay, Ismaila / Cole, Winston
2011 A call for comparative research: Consequences of a rising income inequality for state activitiesNeubäumer, Renate
2005 Happiness and the human development index: the paradox of AustraliaBlanchflower, David G. / Oswald, Andrew J.
2005 Personal security accounts and mandatory annuitization in a dynastic frameworkFuster, Luisa / Imrohoroglu, Ayse / Imrohoroglu, Selahattin
2011 From First-Release to Ex-Post Fiscal Data: Exploring the Sources of Revision Errors in the EUBeetsma, Roel / Bluhm, Benjamin / Giuliodori, Massimo / Wierts, Peter
2011 Trading dynamics with adverse selection and search: Market freeze, intervention and recoveryChiu, Jonathan / Koeppl, Thorsten
2005 Optimal response to a demographic shockConesa, Juan Carlos / Garriga, Carlos

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