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DateTitle Authors
2009 Money and the transmission of monetary policyCarpenter, Seth / Demiralp, Selva
2009 The impact of Basel I capital requirements on bank behaviour and the efficacy of monetary policyJablecki, Juliusz
2014 Understanding the cash demand puzzleJiang, Janet Hua / Shao, Enchuan
2012 Financial conditions and the money-output relationship in CanadaKichian, Maral
2014 Higher bank capital requirements and mortgage pricing: Evidence from the Counter-Cyclical Capital BufferBasten, Christoph / Koch, Catherine
2005 The eurosystem money market auctions: a banking perspectiveBartzsch, Nikolaus / Craig, Ben R. / Fecht, Falko
2013 Decomposing US money supply changes since the financial crisisRobinson, Richard / El Nasser, Marwan
2004 The endogeneity of money and the eurosystemSteiger, Otto
2008 The "Credit-Cost Channel" of Monetary Policy. A Theoretical AssessmentTamborini, Roberto
1998 Banks' supply of loans: When future monetary policy is uncertainMitusch, Kay / Nautz, Dieter

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