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2005 Do factor shares reflect technology?Bental, Benjamin / Demougin, Dominique M.
2001 The Repo Auctions of the European Central Bank and the Vanishing Quota PuzzleNautz, Dieter / Oechssler, Jörg
2011 The distributional consequences of supply-side reforms in general equilibriumAngelopoulos, Konstantinos / Fernandez, Bernardo X. / Malley, Jim
2008 The great risk shift?: income volatility in an international perspectiveBuch, Claudia M.
2009 Unwarranted wage changes and the return on capitalKatsimi, Margarita / Kalyvitis , Sarantis / Moutos, Thomas
2009 Globalisation, concentration and footloose firms: in search of the main cause of the declining labour shareHutchinson, John / Persyn, Damiaan
2013 Distributional consequences of capital accumulation, globalisation and financialisation in the USKaranassou, Marika / Sala, Hector
2013 Expansionary and Contractionary Technology ImprovementsBalleer, Almut / Enders, Zeno
2013 Capital income shares and income inequality in the European UnionSchlenker, Eva / Schmid, Kai D.
2009 The elasticity of substitution and the sector bias of International Outsourcing: Solving the puzzleHorgos, Daniel

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