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DateTitle Authors
2009 D and Z in ROPE: Will the real Keynes please stand up?Hartwig, Jochen
2009 The cost of tractability and the Calvo pricing assumptionYao, Fang
2010 Can the New Keynesian Phillips Curve explain inflation gap persistence?Yao, Fang
2010 Aggregate hazard function in price-setting: A bayesian analysis using macro dataYao, Fang
2009 Real and nominal rigidities in price setting: A bayesian analysis using aggregate dataYao, Fang
2009 Non-constant hazard function and inflation dynamicsYao, Fang
2008 Macroeconomics without the LM: A Post-Keynesian PerspectivePalley, Thomas I.
2008 Oil price shocks: Demand vs supply in a two-country modelCampolmi, Alessia
2009 Inside Debt and Economic Growth: A Cambridge - Kaleckian AnalysisPalley, Thomas I.
2009 Time-dependent pricing and New Keynesian Phillips curveYao, Fang

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