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DateTitle Authors
2007 Intergenerational risk-sharing and risk-taking of a pension fundGollier, Christian
2010 Sustained positive consumption in a model of stochastic growth: The role of risk aversionMitra, Tapan / Roy, Santanu
2005 Electoral uncertainty, fiscal policy and macroeconomic fluctuationsMalley, Jim / Philippopoulos, Apostolis / Woitek, Ulrich
2005 Money, credit and bankingBerentsen, Aleksander / Camera, Gabriele / Waller, Christopher Jude
2014 Transfers within a three generations family: when the rotten kids turn into altruistic parentsCremer, Helmuth / Roeder, Kerstin
2004 Inattentive ConsumersReis, Ricardo
2001 Human Capital Formation, Income Inequality and GrowthViaene, Jean-Marie / Zilcha, Itzhak
2001 Optimal Saving Rules for Loss-Averse Agents under UncertaintySiegmann, Arjen H.
2008 Discounting and welfare analysis over time: choosing the [eta]Buchholz, Wolfgang / Schumacher, Jan
2002 Optimal Taxation in a Stochastic Endogenous Growth Model with CongestionOtt, Ingrid / Soretz, Susanne

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