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2008 Initial risk matrix, home resources, ability development and children's achievementBlomeyer, Dorothea / Coneus, Katja / Laucht, Manfred / Pfeiffer, Friedhelm
2008 Self-productivity and complementarities in human development: evidence from the Mannheim Study of Children at RiskBlomeyer, Dorothea / Coneus, Katja / Laucht, Manfred / Pfeiffer, Friedhelm
2010 Handedness predicts Social Preferences: Evidence connecting the Lab to the FieldBuser, Thomas
2011 Hormones and Social PreferencesBuser, Thomas
2011 Neuroeconomic conditioning of the influence of a market demand of consumers on an innovative character of Polish companiesGardocka-Jałowiec, Anna
2009 Belirsizlik Altında Karar Alma: Geleneksel ve Modern YaklaşımlarAksoy, Tolga / Şahin, Işıl
2012 The neuroeconomics of voting: Neural evidence of different sources of utility in votingBischoff, Ivo / Neuhaus, Carolin / Trautner, Peter / Weber, Bernd
2013 A Tractable Theory of Choice Based on Cell BehaviorValdés-Edwards, Gonzalo / Valdés-Prieto, Salvador
2015 Behavioral Economics of Education: Progress and PossibilitiesLavecchia, Adam M. / Liu, Heidi / Oreopoulos, Philip
2009 Some considerations regarding the problem of multidimensional utilityBinder, Martin

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