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DateTitle Authors
2011 Search costs and risky investment in qualityFishman, Arthur / Levy, Nadav
2003 Nash Networks with Heterogeneous AgentsHaller, Hans / Sarangi, Sudipta
2012 Robust stochastic stabilityFerrer-Alós, Carlos / Netzer, Nick
2005 Rational information choice in financial market equilibriumMuendler, Marc-Andreas
2014 Macroeconomic experiences and risk taking of euro area householdsAmpudia, Miguel / Ehrmann, Michael
2013 Think, but Not Too Much: A Dual-Process Model of Willpower and Self-ControlAlos Ferrer, Carlos
2013 Ambiguous Survival Beliefs and Hyperbolic Discounting in a Life-Cycle ModelGroneck, Max / Ludwig, Alexander / Zimper, Alexander
2008 Enforcing peace agreements through commitment technologiesMurshed, S. Mansoob / Verwimp, Philip
2013 Market Share Dynamics in a Duopoly Model with Word-of-Mouth CommunicationKováč, Eugen / Schmidt, Robert C.
2010 Top-down versus bottom-up macroeconomicsDe Grauwe, Paul

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