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2000 Optimal multiproduct nonlinear pricing with correlated consumer typesSpiegel, Yossi / Wilkie, Simon
2002 Optimal Pricing and Endogenous HerdingBose, Subir / Orosel, Gerhard O. / Vesterlund, Lise
2006 Russian Natural Gas Exports to Europe: Effects of Russian Gas Market Reforms and the Rising Market Power of GazpromSagen, Eirik Lund / Tsygankova, Marina
2014 A Model of Quality Uncertainty with a Continuum of Quality LevelsGertz, Christopher
2009 Wages and productivity growth in a dynamic oligopolyBester, Helmut / Milliou, Chrysovalantou / Petrakis, Emmanuel
2008 Platform Intermediation in a Market for Differentiated ProductsGaleotti, Andrea / Moraga-Gonzalez, Jose Luis
2009 A Monopolist in Public Transport: Undersupply or Oversupply?Karamychev, Vladimir A. / van Reeven, Peran
2011 La prestación del servicio postal universal en un contexto de precio uniforme y descremado del mercado: ¿Existe riesgo de graveyard spiral?Pateiro Rodríguez, Carlos / Prado Domínguez, Javier / García Iglesias, Jesús M.
2009 Postal payment services in HungaryTurján, Anikó
2009 Optional linear input prices in vertical relationsSalim, Claudia

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