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2015 Stated and Revealed Inequality Aversion in Three Subject PoolsBeranek, Benjamin / Cubitt, Robin / Gächter, Simon
2014 Human Pro-Social Motivation and the Maintenance of Social OrderGaechter, Simon
2008 Selection and mode effects in risk preference elicitation experimentsvon Gaudecker, Hans-Martin / van Soest, Arthur / Wengström, Erik
2010 The effects of (incentivized) belief elicitation in public goods experimentsGächter, Simon / Renner, Elke
1991 The Perils of Peer Review in Economics and Other SciencesFölster, Stefan
2014 To Commit or not to Commit? An Experimental Investigation of Pre-Commitments in Bargaining Situations with Asymmetric InformationHoffmann, Sönke / Mihm, Benedikt / Weimann, Joachim
2015 On the elicitation and measurement of betrayal aversionQuercia, Simone
2011 Challenging the intrapersonal empathy gap: An experiment with self-commitment powerUhl, Matthias
2008 Rich meets Poor - An International Fairness ExperimentCappelen, Alexander W. / Moene, Karl Ove / Sørensen, Erik Ø. / Tungodden, Bertil
2008 Voting experiments: bandwagon voting or false-consensus effect?Bischoff, Ivo / Egbert, Henrik

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