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2012 Mediocrity and induced reciprocityMontinari, Natalia / Nicolò, Antonio / Oexl, Regine
2012 An experiment on partnership protocols for bilateral trade with incomplete informationSopher, Barry / Sopher, Revan
2011 Consistency and aggregation in individual choice under uncertaintyBirchby, Jeff / Gigliotti, Gary / Sopher, Barry
2011 The origins of risk sharing: An experimental approachGazzillo, Steven / Sopher, Barry / Aktipis, Athena / Cronk, Lee
2014 The Perception of Lethal Risks: Evidence from a Laboratory ExperimentSchubert, Manuel / Brück, Tilman
1998 Communication and Coordination in Signalling Games: An Experimental StudySopher, Barry / Zapater, Inigo
2012 Risk, entitlements and fairness bias: Explaining preferences for redistribution in multi-person settingKataria, Mitesh / Montinari, Natalia
2013 Information transparency, fairness and labor market efficiencyIsgin, Ebru / Sopher, Barry
2013 Relative Performance Pay in the Shadow of CrisisKräkel, Matthias / Nieken, Petra
2013 Sorting via screening versus signaling: A theoretic and experimental comparisonGüth, Werner / Winter, Fabian

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