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2003 Selection bias, comparative advantage and heterogeneous returns to education: Evidence from China in 2000Heckman, James / Li, Xuesong
2003 Using matching, instrumental variables and control functions to estimate economic choice modelsHeckman, James / Navarro-Lozano, Salvador
2003 Estimating distributions of treatment effects with an application to the returns to schooling and measurement of the effects of uncertainty on college choiceCarneiro, Pedro / Hansen, Karsten / Heckman, James
2003 Fifty Years of Mincer Earnings RegressionsHeckman, James Joseph / Lochner, Lance J. / Todd, Petra E.
2002 The Performance of Performance StandardsHeckman, James Joseph / Heinrich, Carolyn J. / Smith, Jeffrey A.
2003 Estimating Distributions of Treatment Effects with an Application to the Returns to Schooling and Measurement of the Effects of Uncertainty on College ChoiceCarneiro, Pedro / Hansen, Karsten T. / Heckman, James Joseph
2002 Identification and estimation of hedonic modelsEkeland, Ivar / Heckman, James J. / Nesheim, Lars
2010 Testing the correlated random coefficient modelHeckman, James J. / Schmierer, Daniel / Urzua, Sergio
2010 Comparing IV with structural models: What simple IV can and cannot identifyHeckman, James J. / Urzúa, Sergio
2008 Earnings functions and rates of returnHeckman, James Joseph / Lochner, Lance J. / Todd, Petra E.

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