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DateTitle Authors
2014 One million miles to go: taking the axiomatic road to defining exploitationVeneziani, Roberto / Yoshihara, Naoki
2011 The dependence of prices on labour-valuesGuerrero, Diego
2012 The reserve army of labour in the postwar U.S. economy: Some stock and flow estimatesBasu, Deepankar
2011 Relations of production and modes of surplus extraction in IndiaBasole, Amit / Basu, Deepankar
2009 Relations of production and modes of surplus extraction in India: An aggregate studyBasole, Amit / Basu, Deepankar
2011 Comparative growth dynamics in a discrete-time Marxian circuit of capital modelBasu, Deepankar
2011 Technology, distribution and the rate of profit in the US economy: Understanding the current crisisBasu, Deepankar / Vasudevan, Ramaa
2012 Class struggle and economic fluctuations: VAR analysis of the post-war U.S. economyBasu, Deepankar / Chen, Ying / Oh, Jong-seok
2014 Conflict in the wage-led growth modelCorrea, Romar
2015 Conflict in the profit-led growth modelCorrea, Romar

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