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24-Mar-2015 Peter Sloman, The Liberal Party and the Economy 1929-1964.Matsunaga, Tomoari
2007 Ragnar Frisch's contribution to business cycle analysisBjerkholt, Olav
2007 A journey for your beautiful mind: Economic graduate study and researchMa, Ching-to Albert
2007 Long-term outcomes of vocational rehabilitation programs: Labor market transitions and job durations for immigrantsEkhaugen, Tyra
2007 Changing relationships between education and fertility: A study of women and men born 1940-64Kravdal, Øystein / Rindfuss, Ronald R.
2007 Vertical integration and long-term contracts in risky marketsBaldursson, Fridrik M. / Fehr, Nils-Henrik M. von der
2002 Plunder & Protection Inc.Mehlum, Halvor / Moene, Karl Ove / Torvik, Ragnar
2013 The relationship between energy and socio-economic development in the Southern and Eastern MediterraneanBergasse, Emmanuel / Paczynski, Wojciech / Dabrowski, Marek / De Wulf, Luc
18-Dec-2014 From the EditorKargı, Bilal
18-Dec-2014 Physical Infrastructures and Attractiveness of Private Capital in Sub-Saharan African (SSA) CountriesNgongan, Elie

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