Information for Institutions

Full service

Editors or publishers of series and journals at research institutions have the option to place their publications on EconStor. For uploading existing series and journals entirely, we offer a full service, i.e. the ZBW team handles the entire process from recording title data and additional metadata like abstracts, keywords and JEL codes (if available in the document) to the final batch-importing of PDF files. Back issues of current series and journals can also be deposited in EconStor. New issues are imported into EconStor as soon as they are published on your website or as soon as you provide them to us by other means. If an editor or publisher already has a bibliographic database at its disposal that can provide the corresponding metadata in a standardised format like “Dublin Core”, “Marc21” or the RePEc format “ReDIF”, this data might be used for bulk import. This would enable us to upload your titles much faster. This full service is offered to you free of charge. Journals and Open Access Journals can only be included in EconStor on condition that they are indexed in Scopus or SSCI and DOAJ as well.

Dissemination through databases and portals

Our service includes an optional input service into the international subject database “RePEc – Research Papers in Economics”. A large number of institutions already use this input service, which offers even greater international visibility for your publications. Our RePEc service was funded by the German Research Association (DFG). Your titles are transferred automatically to RePEc through an automatic interface. Titles are also fed into the following databases and portals:

Transfer of rights

We need your consent in the form of a usage agreement to store your journal or series on EconStor and make it accessible. With this agreement, you give us only a simple, non-exclusive usage right. The template for the usage agreement can be found here:

Contact us

Notice: If you are the publisher or editor of a series or journal and wish to make it available on EconStor, or if you need more information, please mail us at .