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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Determinants of capital structure of the information technology industry
In: 2015, issue: 15, p. 114-132
Delicado Teixeira, Nuno Miguel; Melo Parreira, João Filipe
2015Rumah Tahu Mandiri Energi (RTME): New pattern on tofu production without fossil fuel consumption in Sentra Tahu Cibuntu, Bandung, West Java
In: 2015, issue: 18, p. 25-33
Ramelan, Agus; Usup; Anggraeni, Novia
2015Guest editorial
In: 2015, issue: 15, p. 1-4
Peris-Ortiz, Marta; Rueda-Armengot, Carlos
2015Evaluation of quality in different electronic services: A multigroup analysis
In: 2015, issue: 15, p. 5-27
Barrera-Barrera, Ramón; Navarro-García, Antonio; Peris-Ortiz, Marta
2015Conserving Indonesia's nature and culture through empowerment of indegenous technology in creative industry SMEs
In: 2015, issue: 18, p. 3-10
Felaza, Elzavira
2015Applying nano-carbon as coating material for slow-released fertilizer to increase Indonesian rice yield and to reduce nitrogen loss in surface water of paddy soil
In: 2015, issue: 18, p. 34-40
Riandy, Andika Putra; Sofyan, Dini Fuadilah; Palembang, Jl. Raya
2015Coalbed Methane - an unconventional - clean energy, the forming, extraction, and potential of Indonesia's Coalbed Methane as future source energy for Indonesia
In: 2015, issue: 18, p. 11-19
Kartikasari, Lucy; Suntara, Trisna
2015The role of competitve advantage in strategic determinants of export perfomance: Theoretical framework
In: 2015, issue: 15, p. 66-93
Lima Rua, Orlando; Silva França, Alexandra
2015Novice and expert Internet users: Influence of price discounts on attitude toward the banner and website
In: 2015, issue: 15, p. 28-45
Crespo-Almendros, Esmeralda; del Barrio-García, Salvador
2015Improving Waduk Jatiluhur's fisheries products towards Asean global market by establishing aquaculture cooperative
In: 2015, issue: 18, p. 41-48
Pamungkas, Dimas Gelar; Sukmatullahi, Kartika; Amhariputra, Hafiqi