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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Prevalence of burnout syndrome in workers of institution of the health sector
In: 2014, issue: 12, p. 31-49
Hernández, Tirso J.; Sánchez, Germán; Hernández, José F.; Vite, Edgar
2014Relationship between sustainable buying intention and marketing strategies
In: 2014, issue: 12, p. 18-30
Salgado-Beltrán, Lizbeth; Subira-Lobera, María E.; Beltrán-Morales, Luis F.
2014Determinants of loyalty toward brand
In: 2014, issue: 11-(Jan-Mar), p. 96-124
da Silva e Cruz, Raquel; da Ascensão Marques, Alzira Maria
2014The productivity of innovation in Portugal
In: 2014, issue: 13, p. 41-52
Araújo, Nuno; Costa, Leonardo
2014The dilemma of managing scarce health care resources: Evidence of the conflict between economic and ethical principles in microallocation decisions
In: 2014, issue: 14, p. 1-11
Pinho, Micaela M.
2014Methological structure for the development of cities under uncertainty
In: 2014, issue: 12, p. 78-85
Alfaro, Víctor G.; Gil, Anna M.
2014Towards e-health: Information technologies for increasing entrepreneurship
In: 2014, issue: 13, p. 53-61
Skarézauskiençe, Aelita; Juciute-Rotomskiençe, Rasa
2014Exploring the influence of eWOM in buying behavior
In: 2014, issue: 14, p. 12-26
Rondan Cataluña, F. Javier; Arenas Gaitán, Jorge; Ramirez Correa, Patricio, E.
2014Mathematical modelling of uncertainty in a process of provisioning at a comercial enterprise
In: 2014, issue: 12, p. 4-17
Gil-Lafuente, Anna M.; Klimova, Anna
2014The relationship between organizational structure and market orientation: An empirical aproach
In: 2014, issue: 11-(Jan-Mar), p. 1-48
Cabello, Tomás Cabello; Revilla Camacho, María Ángeles; Vega Vázquez, Manuela