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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Guest editorial
In: 2015, issue: 15, p. 1-4
Peris-Ortiz, Marta; Rueda-Armengot, Carlos
2015The role of competitve advantage in strategic determinants of export perfomance: Theoretical framework
In: 2015, issue: 15, p. 66-93
Lima Rua, Orlando; Silva França, Alexandra
2015An empirical investigation of gender impact on technological innovativeness among Thai entrepreneurs via GEM database
In: 2015, issue: 16, p. 1-15
Shukla, Manasi; Guelich, Ulrike; Bechina Arntzen, Aurilla Aurelie
2015Analysis of studies on Time-Driven Activity Based Costing (TDABC)
In: 2015, issue: 15, p. 133-157
Santana, Alex; Afonso, Paulo
2015Factors influencing students' entrepreneurial intentions: The critical roles of personal attraction and perceived control over behavior
In: 2015, issue: 16, p. 16-28
Bagheri, Afsaneh; Pihie, Zaidatol Akmaliah Lope
2015Entrepreneurs: Demographic profile, who has higher chances of survival?
In: 2015, issue: 16, p. 46-60
Ptak-Chmielewska, Aneta
2015The effect of knowledge management practices on employees' innovative performance
In: 2015, issue: 16, p. 82-93
Jafari, Seyed Mohammadbagher; Suppiah, Mariyayee
2015Evaluation of the impact of the innovative potential of the companies from the SMEs sector on the efficiency of innovative actions: Suggestion of the evaluation method
In: 2015, issue: 16, p. 61-81
Norek, Tomasz; Costa, Leorardo
2015Prepared to launch? A study of Thailand's New Entrepreneurs' Creation (NEC) education program
In: 2015, issue: 16, p. 108-121
Smith, Ronda M.; Tarndamrong, Poompichai; Sebora, Terrence C.; Wolfe, Charlie A.
2015Investigating the relationship between IT capability and organizational performance: An empirical evidence from Indian banking units
In: 2015, issue: 17, p. 57-68
Panda, Sukanya; Rath, Santanu Kumar