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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013A new funnel framework to support innovation management in SMEs
In: 2013, issue: 8-(Apr-Jun), p. 78-96
Biazzo, Stefano; Garengo, Patrizia; Bernardi, Giovanni
2013Technological, managerial and organizational capabilities of customer-centric organizations
In: 2013, issue: 7-(Jan-Mar), p. 1-33
Nobre, Farley Simon
2013Managing knowledge risks in intrapreneurial environment
In: 2013, issue: 10-(Dec), p. 4-25
Tanţău, Adrian Dumitru; Paicu, Eliza Laura
2013Towards a Conceptualization of Social Entrepreneurship in Higher Education
In: 2013, issue: 10-(Dec), p. 51-69
Păunescu, Carmen; Drăgan, Denisa; Cantaragiu, Ramona; Filculescu, Adina
2013International classification of accounting systems
In: 2013, issue: 10-(Dec), p. 83-106
Jindrichovska, Irena; Kubickova, Dana
2013Organizational Characteristics and Social Competences: Are there differences within social competences connected with communication and co-operational skills based on the characteristics of organizations?
In: 2013, issue: 10-(Dec), p. 176-193
Gaál, Zoltán; Szabó, Lajos; Csepregi, Anikó
2013Product innovation effect on consumer's perceptions
In: 2013, issue: 9-(Sep), p. 17-26
Onişor, Lucian-Florin; Roşca, Mihai-Ioan
2013Board of directors and the internationalization process: The case of Romania
In: 2013, issue: 9-(Sep), p. 72-85
Bordean, Ovidiu-Niculae; Borza, Anca
2013The clash of business models in emerging economies: The case of wind energy industry in Africa
In: 2013, issue: 10-(Dec), p. 10-51
Campbell, Derek; Danilovic, Mike; Halila, Fawzi; Hoveskog, Maya
2013Organizational citizenship behavior: an instrument for sharing tacit knowledge
In: 2013, issue: 9-(Sep), p. 71-82
Aruștei, Carmen Claudia; Leon, Ramona Diana