IMFS Working Paper Series, Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability, Universität Frankfurt a. M.

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Regulating virtual currenciesHofert, Eduard
2018 How do expectations about the macroeconomy affect personal expectations and behavior?Roth, Christopher; Wohlfart, Johannes
2018 Legal tender in the euro areaSiekmann, Helmut
2018 The government spending multiplier, fiscal stress and the zero lower boundStrobel, Felix
2018 How do consumers adapt to a new environment in their economic forecasting? Evidence from the German reunificationGoldfayn-Frank, Olga; Wohlfart, Johannes
2018 The boundaries of central bank independence: Lessons from unconventional timesOrphanides, Athanasios
2018 Zinsen, Effektivpreise und Lebenskosten: Ein Beitrag zur Konstruktion eines intertemporalen PreisindexTödter, Karl-Heinz; Ziebarth, Gerhard
2018 Financial literacy externalitiesChaliasos, Michael; Jansson, Thomas; Karabulut, Yigitcan
2018 Generalized exogenous processes in DSGE: A Bayesian approachMeyer-Gohde, Alexander; Neuhoff, Daniel
2018 How the baby boomers' retirement wave distorts model-based output gap estimatesWolters, Maik Hendrik
2017 Die Einstandspflicht der Bundesrepublik Deutschland für die Deutsche Bundesbank und die Europäische ZentralbankSiekmann, Helmut
2017 Instability, imprecision and inconsistent use of equilibrium real interest rate estimatesBeyer, Robert; Wieland, Volker
2017 Too complex to work: A critical assessment of the bail-in tool under the European bank recovery and resolution regimeTröger, Tobias
2017 Can taxation predict US top-wealth share dynamics?Böhl, Gregor; Fischer, Thomas
2017 Capital injection to banks versus debt relief to householdsYoo, Jinhyuk
2017 Why MREL won't help muchTröger, Tobias
2017 Monetary policy and speculative stock marketsBoehl, Gregor
2017 The impact of growth on unemployment in a low vs. a high inflation environmentTesfaselassie, Mewael F.; Wolters, Maik
2017 Model uncertainty in macroeconomics: On the implications of financial frictionsBinder, Michael; Lieberknecht, Philipp; Quintana, Jorge; Wieland, Volker
2017 Doing away with cash? The welfare costs of abolishing cashRösl, Gerhard; Seitz, Franz; Tödter, Karl-Heinz
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 129
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