Jahrestagung des Vereins für Socialpolitik 2014: Evidenzbasierte Wirtschaftspolitik

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Session Title No. of documents
C09 Experimental Economics III 4
D20 Active Labour Market Policies 2
E02 Adjustment Programs in the European Periphery – Did They Work? 1
B14 Agglomeration, Policy und Persistence 4
D03 Aging and Retirement 3
C21 Applied Microeconometrics 2
A19 Asset Pricing and Liquidity 3
E20 Attention and Influence 2
E19 Auctions and Procurement 2
D19 Austerity 3
A08 Banking - Empirical Evidence 2
D17 Banking - Theory 1
D10 Behavioral Economics 4
A05 Business Cycles: News, Transmission, and Asset Prices 4
F05 Capital Accumulation 3
G10 Causes and Consequences of Financial (Il)literacy 4
G08 Causes of Islamistic and Anti-American Terrorism 3
C02 Child Care 3
E12 China's Growing Role in World Trade 3
A06 Collective Decision Making I 3
B06 Collective Decision Making II 3
A12 Contract Theory 3
F04 Corporate Governance 2
E16 Culture and Social Background 2
A01 Development I 1
B01 Development II 2
E10 Dynamic Macro Models 3
B03 Dynamic Public Finance 4
C20 Econometric Theory 3
E21 Economic Analysis of Climate Change 2
A21 Economic Growth I 3
B21 Economic Growth II 2
C03 Economic Integration and SME Finance 3
A18 Education I 3
B18 Education II 3
C18 Education III 2
D09 Empirical Industrial Organization I 3
E09 Empirical Industrial Organization II 3
C07 Empirical Macro - Time Variation and Structural Identification 3
B19 Empirical Macro: Credibility, Ability, and Central Bank Reaction Functions 3
C04 Employment Contracts 2
G11 Energy Markets 3
D12 Energy, Resources and Consumer Protection 3
A16 Environmental Aspects of International Trade 3
F01 Environmental Economics I 2
G01 Environmental Economics II 3
D07 Euro Area: Monetary Stress and Fiscal Adjustments 4
A09 Experimental Economics I 3
B09 Experimental Economics II 3
F03 Family Economics 3
C14 Financial Crisis and Foreign Trade 4
C12 Financial Econometrics 2
E07 Financial Frictions, the Business Cycle, and Stabilization Policy 3
G09 Financial Markets and Information 4
D02 Firms and Wages 3
B20 Fiscal Sustainability 2
C06 Fiscal Sustainability and the Euro Area 3
B16 Forecasting 4
B12 Game Theory and Welfare Economics 3
G03 Gender Issues 3
A10 Health I 3
B10 Health II 3
C10 Health III 3
B04 Human Capital 2
D04 Incentive Systems 3
D08 Income Distribution, Status Comparisons and the Current Account 3
A11 Industrial Organization I 3
B11 Industrial Organization II 3
C11 Industrial Organization III 3
D11 Industrial Organization IV 4
E11 Industrial Organization V 3
A17 Inequality 2
C08 Information and Communication 2
E18 Integration, Financial Frictions, and Economic Growth 2
D21 International Finance 4
D18 International Trade and Development 3
E17 International Trade, Inequality, and Migration 4
E01 Invited Session - Theoretischer Ausschuss 3
C01 Invited Session - Wirtschaftspolitischer Ausschuss 1
D14 Job Polarization 3
G02 Job Search and Unemployment 2
D13 Labor Economics I 3
E13 Labor Economics II 2
A02 Labor Market Reform in Germany 3
F08 Labour Demand 3
A04 Labour Supply 3
G05 Life Cycle and Labor Market Outcomes 2
B05 Liquidity, Banks, and Borrowing Conditions: Empirical Evidence 3
A13 Local Labour Markets 4
B07 Macro Aspects of Optimal Taxation 3
B13 Macroeconometrics 3
E14 Macroeconomic Forecasts 2
B02 Marriage and Children 3
D05 Migration I 3
E05 Migration II 4
F09 Monetary and Fiscal Policy: Financial Shocks, Speculative Attacks, and (In)Stability 3
G07 Monopsony and Unions 3
F06 Multinational Firms and International Trade 2
C13 Multiple Time Series Analysis 2
B08 Natural Experiments 3
F10 Norms and Culture 3
C05 Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy 3
D16 Policy Evaluation 3
E03 Public Goods 5
A03 R&D and Innovation 3
A20 Redistribution and Subjective Wellbeing 4
F11 Religion and Secularization 3
D06 Risk and Ambiguity I 4
E06 Risk and Ambiguity II 3
F12 Sovereign Debt 4
G04 Sovereign Money - A Heterodox Proposal for a Fundamental Reform of the Monetary System 2
C17 Spatial and Panel Econometrics 3
C19 Survey Methods 3
A15 Taxation I 2
B15 Taxation II 3
C15 Taxation III 3
D15 Taxation IV 2
E15 Taxation V 3
E04 Taxes and Incentives 2
A14 The European Debt Crisis. Econometric Contributions on Causes and Possible Remedies. 2
E08 Theory and Evidence on Wage Rigidities and the Matching Function 1
C16 Time Series Analysis 4
B17 Trade and Agglomeration 3
A07 Uncertainty and Sentiment in Macroeconomics 1
F02 Unconventional Monetary Policy: Theory and Evidence 4
G06 Voluntary Individual Mitigation of Climate Change 2
F07 Welfare Economics 3
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