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Hutter, Katharina
Mai, Robert
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[Conference:] Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy (EMAC) 2013, June 4th-6th, Istanbul, Turkey
Buzz marketing is becoming a more and more relevant topic. Yet, most research is descriptive and does not provide insights into the underlying mechanisms. To overcome this void, the paper provides a causal model of buzz marketing focusing on the motives of potential buzz agents and their effects on the intention to engage in such marketing activities. The results of a survey with 129 young consumers show that the intention to participate is driven by intrin-sic as well as extrinsic motives. Still, there is an incremental influence of extrinsic motives. Additionally, the effect of intrinsic motives is moderated by moral concern. Implication for further research and practitioners are given.
Buzz marketing
intrinsic motives
extrinsic motives
moral concern
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Conference Paper
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Accepted Manuscript (Postprint)
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