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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019Living standards and inequality in the Industrial Revolution: Evidence from the height of University of Edinburgh students in the 1830sBlum, Matthias; McLaughlin, Eoin
2023What can we learn from historical pandemics? A systematic review of the literatureDoran, Áine; Colvin, Christopher L.; McLaughlin, Eoin
2022Demography and age heaping: Solving Ireland's post-famine digit preference puzzleMcLaughlin, Eoin; Colvin, Christopher L.; Henderson, Stuart
2022Political economy of secession: Lessons from the early years of the Irish Free StateKenny, Sean; McLaughlin, Eoin
2021Cohort component population estimates for Ireland, 1911-1920: A new county-level dataset for use in historical demographyColvin, Christopher L.; McLaughlin, Eoin; Richmond, Kyle J. J.
2020Death, Demography and the Denominator: New Influenza-18 Mortality Estimates for IrelandColvin, Christopher L.; McLaughlin, Eoin
2020Financial inclusion with hybrid organisational forms: Microfinance, philanthropy, and the poor law in Ireland, c. 1836-1845McLaughlin, Eoin; Pecchenino, Rowena A.
2014State dissolution, sovereign debt and default: Lessons from the UK and Ireland, 1920-1938Foley-Fisher, Nathan; McLaughlin, Eoin
2015Quantifying human capital accumulation in rural Ireland in the nineteenth centuryBlum, Matthias; Colvin, Christopher L.; McAtackney, Laura; McLaughlin, Eoin
2017Scarring and selection in the Great Irish FamineBlum, Matthias; Colvin, Christopher L.; McLaughlin, Eoin