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Andrich, Mark A.
Oxburgh, E. Ronald
Imberger, Jorg
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LIS Working Paper Series 524
The Index of Sustainable Functionality (ISF) makes it possible to analyse domains and the sustainability of multiple systems from various perspectives. This paper uses available household wealth and income data to calculate the resource rich state of Western Australia's ISF from different wealth level perspectives. How wealth inequity may affect the stability of major systems including the social, terrestrial, water and mineral industry are discussed as are reasons behind recent changes in wealth distribution. The ISF results show that from the perspective of society's richest 20%, poorest 20%, mean wealth households and the environment, system decline has occurred over the past 20 years, even as the economy reached full functionality. Suggestions to improve functionality and long-term stability are made, with the major suggestion the introduction of a fund modelled on Norway's sovereign wealth fund.
index of sustainable functionality (ISF)
wealth inequity
Western Australia (WA)
sovereign wealth fund
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Working Paper
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