LIS Working Paper Series, Luxembourg Income Study (LIS)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Anatomy of Income Inequality in the United States: 1979-2013Hadavand, Aboozar
2017 Different Faces of Inequality across Asia: Decomposition of Income Gaps across Demographic GroupsHlasny, Vladimir
2017 Applying Augmented Survey Data to Produce More Accurate, Precise, and Internationally Comparable Estimates of Poverty within the 50 United StatesParolin, Zachary
2017 Misperceptions of income distributions: Cross-country evidence from a randomized survey experimentBublitz, Elisabeth
2017 Regional inequality in decentralized countries: a multi-country analysis using LISMartín-Román, Javier; Ayala, Luis; Vicente, Juan
2017 Four levers of redistribution: The impact of tax and transfer systems on inequality reductionGuillaud, Elvire; Olckers, Matthew; Zemmour, Michaël
2017 American Exceptionalism in Market Income Inequality: An Analysis Based on Microdata from the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) DatabaseGornick, Janet C.; Milanovic, Branko; Johnson, Nathaniel
2017 The Specificity of Human Capital Investment under Agent Heterogeneity and Market Frictions: Theory and EmpiricsJagelka, Tomáš
2017 The Inequality We Want: How Much Is Too Much?Krozer, Alice
2017 Single-Parent Families and In-Work PovertyNieuwenhuis, Rense; Maldonado, Laurie C.
2017 Are Recent Generations Catching Up or Falling Behind? Trends in Inter-Generational InequalityFreedman, Michael
2017 Economic conditions of young adults before and after the Great RecessionSironi, Maria
2017 Single-mother poverty: How much do educational differences in single motherhood matter?Härkönen, Juho
2017 The danger of a one-sided story: The effects of production regimes and family policies on the gender employment gapKang, Ji Young
2017 The motherhood wage penalty: A varieties of capitalism approachLundquist, Erik; Eklööf, Hanna
2017 The rise of precarious employment in GermanyBrady, David; Biegert, Thomas
2017 Market and disposable top income shares adjusted by national accounts dataGoda, Thomas; Sanchez, Santiago
2017 Comparative analysis of poverty in Greece versus richer European Countries in the debt-crisis eraSymeonidis, Georgios; Valavanis, Manolis; Venetsanakou, Georgia
2017 Diverging destinies in international perspective: Education, single motherhood, and child povertyHärkönen, Juho
2017 The Laffer curve for high incomesLundberg, Jacob
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 712