LIS Working Paper Series, Luxembourg Income Study (LIS)

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2019 Redistributive impacts of fiscal policies in Mexico: Corrections for top income measurement problemsHlásny, Vladimír
2019 Income inequality convergence across EU regionsSavoia, Francesco
2019 Automation and occupational wage trends: What role for unions and collective bargaining?Parolin, Zachary
2019 Do economic recessions "squeeze the middle-class"?Batinti, Alberto; Costa-i-Font, Joan
2019 Paid care work around the globe: A comparative analysis of 47 countries prepared for UN womenDuffy, Mignon; Armenia, Amy
2019 Income, familialism and women's economic independenceAlper, Kaitlin
2019 Work and poverty in post-industrial democraciesAlper, Kaitlin; Huber, Evelyne; Stephens, John D.
2019 Relative income poverty rates and poverty alleviation via tax/benefit systems in 49 LIS countries, 1967-2016Caminada, Koen; Wang, Jinxian; Goudswaard, Kees Pieter; Wang, Chen
2019 Can the structure of inequality explain fiscal redistribution? Revisiting the social affinity hypothesisLuebker, Malte
2019 Gender equality and poverty are intrinsically linked: A contribution to the continued monitoring of selected sustainable development goalsNieuwenhuis, Rense; Munzi, Teresa; Neugschwender, Jörg; Omar, Heba; Palmisano, Flaviana
2019 Estimating inequality of opportunity in more periods than ever before: The capital income approachdel Valle-Inclán Cruces, Hugo
2018 Income redistribution through taxes and transfers across OECD countriesCausa, Orsetta; Nørlem Hermansen, Mikkel
2018 Radical right populism and the role of positional deprivation and inequalityBurgoon, Brian; van Noort, Sam; Rooduijn, Matthijs; Underhill, Geoffrey R. D.
2018 The long term evolution of inequality of opportunityBussolo, Maurizio; Checchi, Daniele; Peragine, Vitorocco
2018 The antipoverty effectiveness of child support: Empirical evidence for Latin American countriesCuesta, Laura; Hakovirta, Mia; Jokela, Merita
2018 A care convergence? Quantifying wage disparities for migrant care workers across three welfare regimesLightman, Naomi
2018 Universal child allowances in 14 middle income countries: Options for policy and poverty reductionEvans, Martin; Hidalgo, Alejandra; Wang, Mei
2018 How redistributive policies reduce market inequality: Education premiums in 22 OECD countriesWeisstanner, David; Armingeon, Klaus
2018 Patterns of precarious employment in a female-dominated sector in five affluent countries: The case of paid domestic labor sector in five welfare statesJokela, Merita
2018 Income inequality and economic growth: Decomposing the effects of the income distributionIoffredi, Marco
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 762