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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018The persistence of the gender earnings gap: Cohort trends and the role of education in twelve countriesBar-Haim, Eyal; Chauvel, Louis; Gornick, Janet C.; Hartung, Anne
2018Empirical challenges comparing inequality across countries: The case of middle-income countries from the LIS databaseChecchi, Daniele; Cupak, Andrej; Munzi, Teresa; Gornick, Janet C.
2017American Exceptionalism in Market Income Inequality: An Analysis Based on Microdata from the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) DatabaseGornick, Janet C.; Milanovic, Branko; Johnson, Nathaniel
1996Public Policies and the Employment of Mothers: A Cross-National StudyGornick, Janet C.; Meyers, Marcia K.; Ross, Katherin E.
1994A Cross-National Analysis of the Wages of Part-Time Workers: Evidence from the US, UK, Canada, and AustraliaGornick, Janet C.; Jacobs, Jerry A.
1997Gender, the Welfare State, and Public Employment: A Comparative Study of Seven Industrialized CountriesGornick, Janet C.; Jacobs, Jerry A.
2000Women and Part-Time Employment: Workers' 'Choices' and Wage Penalties in Five Industrialized CountriesBardasi, Elena; Gornick, Janet C.
2001Hours of Paid Work in Duel Earner Couples: The U.S. in Cross-National PerspectiveJacobs, Jerry A.; Gornick, Janet C.
1996Supporting the Employment of Mothers: Policy Variation Across Fourteen Welfare StatesGornick, Janet C.; Meyers, Marcia K.; Ross, Katherin E.
2010Women, poverty, and social policy regimes: A cross-national analysisGornick, Janet C.; Jäntti, Markus