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Negacz, Katarzyna
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[Journal:] Economic and Environmental Studies [ISSN:] 2081-8319 [Volume:] 12 [Year:] 2012 [Issue:] 2 [Pages:] 165-182
Nowadays, the issue of sustainability becomes an important topic not only for countries, but also regions. A specific example is a group autonomous regions located in strategic areas and influencing countries' economic and political performance. The research problem discussed in this paper is the influence and measurement of sustainable development on competitiveness of autonomous regions. The author focuses on the application of sustainable development in autonomous regions, factors influencing their performance, and the impact of sustainability on these factors. Based on literature review regarding competitiveness indicators with the reference to sustainability suggestions are made for new competitiveness indicators for these regions. In the paper, the author first examines sustainable conflict resolution schemes for autonomous regions at war. Then, aspects of Sustainable Competitiveness Index by World Economic Forum are presented and analyzed with regard to autonomous regions. The paper finishes with a proposal of new indicators.
factors of regional competitiveness
autonomous regions
sustainable development
indicators of sustainable development
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