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Just, Joachim
Klumpp, Matthias
Bioly, Sascha
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ild Schriftenreihe Logistikforschung 34
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This working paper describes basic concepts of employee motivation and performance management and applies this theory towards the specific group of truck drivers in Germany. As a research method an empirical survey based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process in order to identify the relations and weights of different factors influencing the motivation of truck drivers. Results show that besides well-known factors such as payment levels and systems ('fairness'), especially individual treatment and development as well as security aspects play an important role in the view of truck drivers towards their employment situation and performance motivation. These empirical results are especially important as the future demographic change will make it even harder for companies to acquire motivated and qualified truck drivers - and therefore any company will have to recur towards these factors in order to improve their human resource management for this specific and crucial employee group in logistics.
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Working Paper
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